Starting to Use KOM 2000

Selecting a web browser

If you have a choice between Netscape and Explorer, there is a slight advantage with Netscape: Chat listings are in cronological order with Netscape and some versions of Explorer, but in reverse cronological order (with the newest first) with some versions of Explorer. Do not use Explorer version 4 or older.

Connecting to KOM 2000

Start your web browser and enter the web address of your KOM 2000 server. In March 2000, two KOM 2000 servers are in operation:
A server for messaging in Swedish at the web address
A server for messaging in other languages than Swedish at the web address
A server for the SALUT EU project at the web address

Why you should log in

It is possible to use some features of KOM 2000 anonymously. We recommend, however, that you always log in before using KOM 2000. Log in is necessary to write messages. And if you log in, KOM will help you by remembering what you have seen and not seen and helping you find just what is new.

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