Registering as a new user

If you do not yet have any account in KOM 2000, you must register before logging in.

If the top of the web page looks like this:

Then first click on  Login . You will then go to a web page, whose top looks like this:

To register, click on  Register.

You will then get to a web page, which looks like this:

Fill in this web page as follows:

Your name:

Write your name the way you would normally write it. If many other people have the same name, include enough to make it unlikely that someone else has the same name. For example, “John Smith” might be changed to “John T. Smith” or “John Smith Nottingham” and “Maria Andersen” might be changed to “Maria Anderson-Partosch Jr.” or Maria Anderson Saab”.

Choose a short, unique login id:

Here you should choose a short version of your name, which you will use in the future when logging in. This name is called shortname If you want e-mail sent to your KOM account, this shortname will also be the beginning of your e-mail address. The name should not contain blank space or national or special characters like Ä, Å, Ö, Ø, Ü or É.
Examples: If your name is “John P. Smith” then your shortname might be “jpsmith” or “johnps”.

Your email address:

  • If you already have an e-mail address and want your e-mail sent to this address, then write it here.
  • If you want to receive your e-mail in KOM, then leave this field empty. KOM will then assign an e-mail address to you. If you want to be anonymous, then leave this field empty.
The e-mail address assigned by KOM will for the KOM server in Swedish at DSV be your shortname followed by “” and will for the non-Swedish KOM server at DSV be your shortname followed by “”.

Choose a password:

The password is used when you log in in the future, to stop other people from logging in to your account. Choose something easy to remember for yourself, but not easy to guess for other people. Passwords which are not normal words are less easy to guess. Examples of good passwords: “2bonn” or “bludog”. Examples of bad passwords: “mary” or “hello” or "xx".

Repeat the password:

Since the password is not shown when you type it (for security reasons) you are instead asked to write the same password once more.

I want mailing-list contributions by e-mail:

Check this box, if you want the full text of all entries in mailing lists to be sent to you by e-mail. If you do not check this box, you will read mailing lists using the KOM 2000 web-based user interface.

I want a newsletter by e-mail:

This is only for those, who read their e-mail in another system than KOM. By checking this box, you will get a single message once a day (or more seldom, if you so prefer) from KOM. This e-mail will contain a list of new contributions in KOM since the previous similar message. You need only click on the link in such an e-mail, to read the new contributions in KOM.

Here is an example of how such a notification might look like when you receive it in e-mail:

Date: Mon, 2 June 2001, 17:53:42 +0200
From: KOM 2000 at DSV <>
Subject: News from KOM 2000 at DSV for Jacob Palme

Forum: Discussions, By, Date, Entry
   London Group
      Reburbishing our office, John Doe, 27 May 2001, 9(9)
      Office is closed, Mary Moe, 27 May 2001 1(1)

   Madrid Group
      Do we need a new coffea-maker?, Mary Moe, 27 May 2001 1(1)

Default: Plain text, Smart text, HTML:

Default format of messages you write. The meaning of the three alternatives are described in the section Text format.

Command Language:

The default language used by the user interface when you connect to this KOM server.

Personal homepage:

If you have a personal home page on the web, you can write its address here.

Short presentation of yourself:

You can, if you so wish, write a few words about yourself here.
When all this is done, push the button.

Change your registration

If, at a later time, you want to change the information registered about yourself, then use the command  Personal profile  in your  Private  area.

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