Navigation (finding your way)

Top menu bar

After you have logged in, the top of the page will show:

The five buttons allow you to select five main areas:
To get an overview of new messages, which you have not yet read.
To read and write personal messages and e-mail.
 Forum & Chat 
To participate in forums and chats.
To read this user manual.
To leave KOM, and prevent someone else from continuing to use KOM with your name.
One of these choices is light text on dark background. This shows which of the four areas you are in at present. For example the following top-level menu:

shows that you are in the  Forum & Chat  area.

Left column menu

The left column shows where you are, and gives commands you can use. For example:

Shows that you are in the forum “Music” which belongs to the category “Work”.
You can click on  All forums  to find all forums, and click on  Work  to find a list of the forums in the “Work” category.

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