Creating forums and chats

Locate a category

To create a forum, you must first locate a category.
The left column will then show for example:

Create a forum within that category

Here you can click on  Create forum  to start a new forum or  Create chat  to start a new chat, on Create closed forum to create a new closed forum and on Create newsgroup to create a conference connected to a Usenet Newsgroup.
You will then see the following form for creating new forums:
The Name of a forum is the name first shown to users. The Shortname is used in the e-mail address for a forum (to allow you to send e-mail from outside of KOM into a forum).
The presentation is a short description of the forum.


A closed forum is only open to people, who have been added as members by the organizer of the forum. Closed forums are managed by their organizers.


A writeable forum, is a forum, to which also non-members can send contributions. A closed, writeable forum can be used to collect information from people, or for a help desk function.

Mailing list

A forum, whose members can chose to participate through e-mail. The forum will then look like a mailing list to them.


A moderated forum is a forum where only the moderator(s) can write. Contributions by other members must be approved by the moderators before they are shown to other members.
When the moderator(s) goes to their News pages, they will see the new, not-yet accepted contributions listed there. It is therefore important that moderators regularly goes to the News page and checks for new contributions.


Same-time communication, see a separate page for more information.

Graded & Rated

A graded forum is a special kind of forum for courses, in which the teacher (graded) or other students (rated) can supply grades on the contributions by the students. See chapter Distance Education functions.


A rated forum is similar to graded, but everyone can evaluate the contributions of other participants.


A guestbook is a forum, in which people can write contributions without first logging in. Such contributions can be written under a pseudonym, so that it is not shown who the real author is.

Create newsgroup

The Create newsgroup command allows you to create a link to a discussion in Usenet News.

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