Managing forums


Every forum has one or more organizers. Initially, the creator of a forum is its first organizer. The organizers have special rights to change a forum and to add members to it.

Changing forums

You can modify the name, type and description of a forum with the  Modify forum  command, and erase it with the  Delete object  command.

Adding members to forums

The  Add Member/Org  command can be used to add members to closed forums. You can also add people as organizers. The command will actually only invite them to the forum, they will not become regular members until they themselves go to the forum.

Adding e-mail addresses to forums

It is possible to add an e-mail address to a forum, by writing the address in the text area which looks like this:

New member or organizer:

If you adde-mail addresess to a forum, KOM will send a message to these people, telling them that they have been added as members of this forum, and telling them how to unsubscribe.

If the forum you add members to is of the type "Mailing List" then messages in such forums will be sent in full to e-mail address members (unless the owners of the e-mail addresses have specified otherwise in their personal settings).

Such messages are not appropriate if the e-mail address is the address of an external mailing list. In such cases, add "/ml" at the end of the e-mail addresses of the mailing list:

New member or organizer:

"/noml" can be used to remove the "/ml" property of an e-mail address which previously had this property.

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