Receiving e-mail from the Internet

Your e-mail address

If, when you register yourself in KOM, you specify an e-mail address, then KOM assumes that this is your e-mail address in some other system. You will then not be able to receive e-mail in KOM.
If, however, you do not specify an e-mail address when you register yourself, then KOM will assign you an e-mail address, and you can receive e-mail to that address.

Finding your e-mail address

Go to  Private , and then to  Personal messages . You will then see the following page:


Under the heading “E-mail” you can see your e-mail address, in the example above ””.

E-mail to forums

You can also send e-mail from the Internet to forums in KOM. Below the list of the contributions for the forum, you can see the e-mail address for the forum.

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