Graded Forums

A teacher can specify that an educational forum is graded. A graded forum works in the following way:
  1. When the teacher reads contributions in the forum, the teacher can submit a short, one-line evaluation of the contribution. This evaluation is only visible for the teacher and for the author of the graded contribution. If the evaluation begins with a number between 1 and 9, this information is used to report the aggregate gradings. Fill in an evaluation and then click on the button:
  2. Students can see, when looking at their own messages, how they have been graded by the teacher.
  3. The teacher can give the command  Grade overview  to see a listing of all the gradings of all the students in a graded forum. If the gradings started with a number, this is summarized for the teacher. The teacher can then use this information to submit an aggregate grading for all contributions by this student in this forum. Students can also give the command  Grade overview , but will then only see their own gradings.
  4. Here is an example how the Grade overview can look like for all the contributions of one student to a graded forum:

    You can click on the subject, in order to see the full text of the graded message.

A variant of graded forums is under development, called rated forums. With rated forums, all the students in the course can rate the quality of each other's contributions. This saves time for the teacher, compared to graded forums.

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