What is KOM 2000?

KOM 2000 is a system for sending Internet e-mail and for exchanging messages and documents in groups. Users access KOM 2000 through an ordinary web browser. Messages in KOM 2000 can contain text, pictures and attachments. KOM 2000 has special features for closed, open and write-protected groups, personal messages, multi-language usage, version handling and distance education usage.
   In this manual, the groups in KOM 2000 are named forums.
   KOM can be used to send and receive e-mail. In addition to personal e-mail, e-mail can also be sent to forums, and e-mail addresses can subscribe to forums.
   A KOM user can also get regular news notifications by e-mail, which lists, for example once a day, all new contributions in the forums they subscribe to, with URLs to click on the read the contributions.
KOM has special features to support distance education.

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