Starting a Query in a Mailing List


KOM 2000 allows you to invite people to participate in a query through a mailing list. The actual responding must, however, be done through the WWW. Only low and no security queries can be started in a mailing list. Medium security queries require that each respondent gets a separate login id and password, and you will then have to list all the e-mail addresses of all the invited respondents in input to KOM 2000 when you create the query.

Low-Security Queries

The simplest kind of query in mailing lists is a password-controlled query. You send the URL and the password for the query to the mailing lists, anyone who knows the password can respond to the query. Respondents do not have to login or register in KOM 2000.

The security is of course not so high with a single password shared by many users. But if the results show the names of how each individual has responded, this may give adequate security.

If you want higher security, you can start a query where every respondent has a personal loginid and password. This is described on a separate web page.

Step 0:

Log in:

Log in or register in a KOM 2000 server, for example the DSV English-language server at

Go to the Query Wizard:

In the DSV English-language server, you find it at;query-wizard.

In any KOM 2000 server:

Click on "Forums & Chats" or "All forums", and then click on "Query Wizard".

Step 1:

Define query target group type:

Choose the third alternative in the Query Wizard step 1 window, a password-controlled query. Specify a password for the query.

Continue to step 2 of the Query Wizard.

Step 2:

Choose publication forum or a list of respondents:

Checkbox an open forum, such as "Inquries and Evaluations" in the KOM 2000 English-language server at DSV.

Continue to step 3 of the Query Wizard.

Step 3:

Create Query Text:

Specify the alternatives and the evaluation scale.

In this step, you also mark whether the names of how each respondent replied are to be listed, or hidden for a secret (anonymous) ballot.

Continue to step 4 of the Query Wizard.

Step 4:

Query Preview:

The query is shown in step 4, so that you can check that it is OK.

Continue to step 5 of the Query Wizard. The query is started, even if you do not submit the step 5 form.

Step 5:

Invite respondents:

A draft letter to send to respondents is shown in step 5. You can choose to have KOM 2000 send this letter as is, modify it, or notify respondents in some other way.

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