Query Security in KOM 2000

Open Queries and Secret Ballots

An open query is a query where the results show how each participant has responded. Open queries are more secure against faked results than secret ballots, because every person can see the query result and see that his or her response is shown correctly.

Security Options for KOM 2000 Queries

Highest Security

The highest security is achieved by starting the query in a closed forum. Then only memebers of that forum can respond, and they have to identify themselves before answering the query.

Medium Security

A less secure method is to use a password-controlled query. Such a query has a single password associated with the query. Everyone who knows the password can respond. A shared password between several people is of course not so secure as individual passwords. But the advantage is that you do not need to register each respondent and give them an identity in KOM. Combined with an Open Query, where everyone can check that their response is correctly represented, this kind of query often gives acceptable security. This option is especially suited to queries, where most of the respondents are not registered as KOM 2000 users, but are invited to participate by e-mail. To start such a query, use the Query Wizard.

Low Security

Lowest security is a query published in an open forum and without password for the query itself. In a KOM 2000 server which allows anonymous browsing, anyone can respond under any name, including multiple responses from the same person under different names. But also this kind of low security is often acceptable - this is in fact the way most web-based queries, not using KOM 2000, are done!

Starting a Query Using the Query Wizard

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