KOM 2000 Query Guide



KOM 2000 Query Guide

The KOM 2000 query facility provides tools which allows you to post simple queries and invite people to respond by e-mail. They get their loginid by e-mail, and need just click on a link to get to the query page. Queries can be almost arbitrary HTML forms, and you still do not need to do any CGI programming to tally the results. Participants can change their response whenever they want, the latest one is tallied.

Latest change: 10-Aug-2002
This guide is also available in PDF format for printing as a single, complete document.


Particular facilities are:

Evaluation queries:
A tool where you list a number of alternatives, respondents indicate how they like the alternatives on a scale from very bad to very good.

Any HTML forms:
A tool where you can create a HTML form with a web editor like Dreamweaver, Frontpage or Golive. You do not have to write any server side script to count the responses.

Secret or non-secret queries:
A tool where you can choose to define a query so that the names of the respondents are shown (non-secret query) or only summaries of results are shown (secret query).

Public queries:
Anyone can answer.

Closed queries:
Only people with a loginid and a password can answer. KOM will automatically send an e-mail to each respondent with their login id and password.

Continuous queries:
Respondents can change their previous responses, the results will always show the latest summary of opinions.


More information:

Why are queries needed in e-mail groups such as standards working groups, and how should such a query facility be designed?

How to Start a New Query
A simple guide on how to create a new query, and invite people to participate by e-mail.

How to Respond to a Query
A simple guide on how you can respond to a query.

More about KOM 2000
KOM 2000 is a forum and chat software developed by KTH Technical University, Stockholm, Sweden. You can use the Query facility without learning of the other facilities of KOM 2000.

An example of the result of a simple query with added explanations.

Other similar tools:
SZTAKI Voting and Survey System.