Reading in forums


Entering a new forum

Subject of the discussion. The red flag marks a discussion, in which you have not read all contributions. Sometimes, there will be a red flag on discussions you have very recently read. In this case, push Reload (Netscape) or Refresh (Explorer) to get up-to-date red flags.

The name of the user who started the discussion

When the discussion was started

The number of contri-
butions in the discus-

Click on the under-scored subject of a discussion to read the contributions in that discussion.

Reading contri-

You will normally get, on one web page, all the contributions in one discussion thread. The contributions, which you have not seen before, are marked with a red flag. If you want to see all contributions in an entire forum on a single web page (for searching or printing) give the command All messages. This can take some time.

Finding members

Every user who has visited a forum is regarded as a member of that forum. If you go to a forum, then you can use the command  List of participants  to find out which other users are members of this forum.

Who has seen what

The History command will, in a forum, produce a list of all threads in the forum, and for each thread indicate how many contributions have been read by each member of the forum in that thread.

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